Saddle Fitters

Saddle fitters enjoy the unparalleled level of adjustment offered by the EASY-CHANGE® Fit Solution, making Bates and Wintec saddles their preferred choice, knowing they have the best chance of fitting whatever challenging conformations are presented to them. In particular they value being able to make adjustments on the spot, ensuring both rider and fitter have the opportunity to conduct a ridden assessment of the fit instilling complete confidence in the rider throughout the process. The systems enable them to offer an ultra professional and uniquely inclusive process with the most flexible saddles in the world for achieving an optimal fit.

Riders appreciate being included in the saddle fitting process, in regards to both what adjustments are required and how those adjustments are made.

Key Information for saddle fitters:

Identifying if the saddle features the EASY-CHANGE® Fit Solution

To establish if a saddle is compatible with the EASY-CHANGE® Fit Solution, it will either have an EASY-CHANGE® Fit Solution badge in the chamber, or have the letters ‘IP’ stamped within the serial number

Saddle fitters no longer need to remove the back of the panel on saddles featuring the EASY-CHANGE® Fit Solution

Due to the changes made to improve the ease of accessing the rear of the panel, there is no longer a need for saddle fitters to remove the back of the panel when adding the EASY-CHANGE® Risers. Please note that the ratchet system previously used on Bates saddles to secure the back of the saddle has been replaced by a screw system. Any work that requires the back of the panel to be removed will need to be conducted through an approved Bates Service/Repair Centre (Refer to your relevant country distributor for more information).

Warning tag in the panel

There is a Warning Tag sewn into the panels of saddles featuring the EASY-CHANGE® Fit Solution advising that all adjustments must be made in accordance with manufacturer specifications. This means that:

  • All adjustments made within the panel must be made utilising the EASY-CHANGE® Riser System.
  • Any service requiring access to the air cushions, or inner flock panels must be organised through an approved Bates Service Centre/Repair Centre (Refer to your relevant country distributor for more information).

Changes in accessing the head of the saddle

If a saddle has an EASY-CHANGE® Fit Solution badge in the chamber, unscrew a new stainless steel screw located under the skirt. For those saddles that do not have this badging but do have the letters ‘IP’ stamped within the serial number, access will still be via the concealed D-Ring, which will need to be unscrewed.

The range of service lines

The range of service lines for the EASY-CHANGE® Riser System has now been expanded in order to make the system easier and reduces the need for layering the Risers within the pocket.

Difference in fitting saddles with Flock and CAIR®

Due to the static nature of a Flock panel, when adding EASY-CHANGE® Risers into the panel you are effectively altering the shape of the panel, exactly where needed for the horse’s conformation. i.e. it is far more likely that you will need to use centre EASY-CHANGE® Risers more often to ensure lift throughout the entire panel when required.

Saddles with CAIR® are different however, as the dynamic nature of the air ensures an even contact with the horse’s conformation along the entire length of the panel is maintained at all times. Utilising the EASY-CHANGE® Risers in a saddle with CAIR® is far more forgiving and using either a Front or Rear Riser will have a greater impact in lifting the saddle through to the centre. i.e. centre EASY-CHANGE® Risers will only be required in instances of a sway back

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