Easy-Care Wintec Saddles


Wintec has always made riding easy and comfortable. Combine world-leading innovations and hi-tech materials with lightweight, weatherproof and easy-care saddles and it’s easy to see why Wintec is the world’s number one.

Wintec saddles are the natural choice for riders when saddle fit and their horse’s comfort come first. The comprehensive range offers the cutting-edge designs combined with the CAIR® Cushion System and EASY-CHANGE® Fit Solution for equine comfort and performance. It’s easy to see that Wintec is as serious about your performance as you are!

Whether simply enjoying time together with your horse, or competing at the highest level, there’s a model in the range for you.

CAIR Cushion System logoChoose the CAIR® Cushion System for the ultimate performance panel

The CAIR® Cushion System replaces traditional fillings in the saddle panel with air cushions. While saddles look the same – whether they feature CAIR®, flock, or foam – they behave very differently. CAIR® provides significant performance advantages in the way it distributes the rider’s weight and cushions the horse’s back.

Distributing the rider’s weight

Once the rider’s weight is in the saddle, the air cushions are effectively sandwiched between the tree, and the horse’s back. Under the rider’s weight the air becomes dynamic, continually moulding to mirror the horse’s moving muscles. This achieves an even contact over a much larger footprint, or weight-bearing area on the horse’s back. Increasing the weight-bearing area results in significantly lowering the pressure (per sq cm/inch). Even weight distribution over the full weight-bearing area of the saddle panel maximises the comfort of the horse and increases their freedom of movement.

Cushioning the horse’s back

The dynamic nature of air ensures it is working in synergy with the horse’s muscles, rather than the horse’s muscles working around a static panel (Flock or Foam). Additionally air provides the ultimate shock absorption, reducing trauma to the horse’s muscles in work.

Naturally, horses will demonstrate a marked improvement in performance when changed to a saddle featuring CAIR®.